Pastor, Hear From The Creator, Coach JC on Why The Secret To REAL Weight Loss Success For CHRISTIANS was Created for Church Groups and Why This May Be The Most Important Message You Ever Watch.


Why The Secret To REAL Weight Loss Success For CHRISTIANS was Created for Church Groups.


Thousands of people have gone through Coach JC’s Program. They’ve TRANSFORMED their mind & body and TRANSFORMED their life. This small group meets for 8 weeks, one night a week. It brings together the right coaching along with the power of small-group empowerment, accountability and FUN. The SRWS for CHRISTIANS teaches your participants how to create the winning mindset God’s way, how to eat for life and how to get moving!

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Hear Coach JC’s popular talk, “How To WIN as a Christian”.  You WILL be motivated and  see why Coach JC’s message is revolutionizing the churches of America.

Hear Coach JC’s entire message on How To WIN more as a Christian:



This Life Changing 8 Week Small Group Is…


Exercising can be FUN! Coach JC coaches each session on video. Your group will be Inspired to laugh, Empowered to learn and Motivated to Move their way to being Transformed! SRWS for CHRISTIANS Transforms Lives, PERIOD!  It will strengthen the people of your church and improve the quality of life of your congregation!


Coach JC has put together a done-for -you proven system that is simple to implement. He coaches the entire 8 weeks. All your church needs is someone who is ready, willing and able to lead the group. A member that feels strong about improving the quality of life of Christians and of the church. We provide you a Group Leader’s Guide along with a Group Leader’s Resource CD with a step by step gameplan on how to promote and lead the group to success.


The SRWS for CHRISTIANS is a curriculum created to add tremendous value to your church.

There are 3 ways that it will also add tremendous growth to your church body.

1. The SRWS for CHRISTIANS curriculum can be used as a fundraiser tool to raise money for a building or momentum campaign! (Find out more)

2. With attendees wanting to come into your church to be a part of this group you WILL grow! SRWS for CHRISTIANS is a powerful and productive tool to reach out to your community. People twill step foot in your church to attend SRWS for CHRISTIANS who haven’t stepped foot in church before if you want them to. Once they are in the door between you and the holy spirit we believe their life will be transformed. (We provide you ALL the materials needed to internally and externally promote your group)

3. Anyone of your church leaders or members that go through the 8 week group will be TRANSFORMED. You will find just like with in any organization that a more healthy employee or team member will lead to a more productive team member. This group will re-energize, empower and motivate your team to do bigger and better things for the church and the body of Christ.

Check out a small group in action.

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