What could you do as a Christian for the kingdom of God if you were healthy, fit and TRANSFORMED your body?

You are about to invest in yourself in what I truly believe is the BEST course for showing you as a CHRISTIAN how to Transform YOUR body and live the life you were born to live in ONLY 8 weeks and I am ABSOLUTELY honored to serve you as your coach!” coachjcSIG




If you are ready to lose weight and get fit so that you can fulfill what God has called you to do then you are in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT Time!

This life changing Biblically based small group curriculum will show you how to LOSE WEIGHT, GET FIT and LIVE THE LIFE YOU WERE BORN TO LIVE!

It’s Time YOU Discover


What do I get in my 8 Week Transformation- The Secret to REAL Weight Loss Success DVD At Home 8 Week Body Transformation Gameplan?

What Do I Get?


What Will I Learn?


Coach JC explains the the 3 steps to your success. You will learn why measurable goals are important and receive your measurement guide. Together we will work through your personal goal assessment. You will discover the 10 Keys To Eating For Success. You will discover why the connections you make now will lead to your success over the next 8 weeks. We will then workout together for your 30 min fat burning workout.


Do not neglect the gift that is within you,

which was given to you through prophecy

when the elders laid their hands on you.


You will learn the 2 things you MUST do right now to lose weight and WIN over the next 8 weeks. You will discover how to hold yourself accountable when it comes to your eating habits and why there is only 1 thing you need to have access to each and every meal to WIN. You WILL get accountable and STOP making excuses once and for all. We will then workout together for your 30 min fat burning workout.


And do not be conformed to this world, but be

transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that

you may prove what the will of God is, that which is

good and acceptable and perfect.


Learning how to take control of your attitude is a choice and starts with your mindset. Unlock the secret of developing a WINNING attitude as you learn the 2 NO’s and discover the STRONG mentality. You will get to learn how you can play tick tack toe with X and O to help you WIn in your eating. Coach JC will also show you how iron sharpens iron and you will kick it up with your full body 30 min workout.


Know, in all these things we are more than

conquerors through him who loved us.

You will discover how to take the RIGHT action and WIN. You will learn how to use resistance in your life to help preserver and get lasting results. You will continue to learn why building the RIGHT habits in your nutrition is key and will learn how and when the most important times are to eat to burn fat efficiently. Coach JC will also show you how to be accountable to yourself and others so that you can overcome any obstacle in life. You will once again cap off this power-packed session with your 30 min full body, fat burning workout.


I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

Get Back In The Race

In this session you will learn the power of Expecting Great Results. You will create the Right mindset and learn how to think success and how to break the failure thinking that may have been holding you back. You will find out why most people fail when it comes to eating fro success and receive Coach JC’s Are YOU Compatibility game plan. You will see the power in expecting BIG results and how to start today to take control back. For the last 30 min. you will turn it up and sweat with Coach JC as he leads you through your full body fat burning workout.

JOEL 3:10

Let the weak say, “I am strong!”


In this session you will discover why failure is not an option and how to use past failures to create future successes. You will create your success story and future by learning how to let go of the past once and for all. Coach JC will share with you the key to your success and how 95% of you WINNING comes down to one thing and one thing only. You will discover how to use the Compliance Gameplan to assure your eating success on a daily basis and how using X and O’s can be a game changer for you! We will once again finish this life changing week with a Coach JC lead workout where for 30 min you will learn the RIGHT way to exercise so that you can lose weight, get fit and TRANSFORM your body!


For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he…


In week 7 Coach JC will show you how to See it, Believe It, and Achieve it! You will learn what Muhammad Ali did that you can emulate to help you WIN. You are what you think you are and you deserve to WIN. Coach JC will also educate you and empower you on the big question when it comes to your nutrition, “What about supplements.” You will learn when and why to use supplements in your game plan and how your insurance policy is a must to your success. We will cap this session off with kicking it up a little in our 30 min FUN workout lead by Coach JC.


Death and life are in the power of the tongue,

and those who love it will eat it’s fruits.
Dream Big… Act BIGGER!

What you so is what you reap! You will discover how this biblical principle is crucial in your life and how to make it work for you every time. You will discover Coach JC’s Law of Winning and how just one small simple thing can make the BIg difference in your results. It is on this week that you will be equipped in your nutrition to keep wining and work out with Coach JC for one more 30 min fat burning workout.


Now faith is the substance of things hoped for

and the evidence of things not seen.


Start YOUR 8 Week Transformation- The Secret to REAL Weight Loss Success DVD At Home 8 Week Body Transformation



**The Home Transformation DVD version does not contain materials required to lead a class. For home use only.