What is The Secret To REAL Weight Loss Success for CHRISTIANS?


The Secret To REAL Weight Loss Success for CHRISTIANS is an 8 week Body Transformation!

This 8 week Life Transformation Gameplan was specifically created for YOU as a CHRISTIAN and for Church Small Groups Worldwide.

It’s a faith based lifestyle that you will create based on biblical principles where YOU WILL discover The Secret To Real Weight Loss and once and for all TRANSFORM Your Mind, Your Body, and YOUR LIFE!


In The Secret To REAL Weight Loss Success For CHRISTIANS
8 Week Transformation YOU WILL Discover How To…

Transform Your Thinking - This is The Secret - Your Gameplan on How To Create The Winning Mindset

Just like you train your body you can train your mind. This is YOUR secret weapon and for you like most people has been the one thing that has held you back from achieving the level of success that God truly wants for you. NOT ANYMORE! Through my Create The Winning Mindset System you will learn how to not only renew your mind but to reprogram your mind the way God wants you to think and achieve lasting weigh loss success.

Transform Your Body - Your Gameplan on how to maximize your time and your RESULTS!

You were created to move! Exercising can be FUN! You will learn how the best piece of equipment is your own bodyweight and how you can turn it back into a fat burning machine. You will be given the most effective fat burning exercise routines ever created that can be performed anywhere, anytime. The coolest part is that you wont have to waste hours in the gym to get results and yes these workouts were created so that anyone, any age, and any fitness level can perform them.

Transform Your Eating - Your gameplan on how to feed your body to speed up your metabolism and lose weight and keep it off.

 You will be given the most practical, easy to follow lifestyle eating plan. Anyone telling you that you should go on a diet is doing you a large disservice. Diets Don’t Work! Through my Lifestyle Eating Gameplan you will learn how to make simple changes which will lead to developing healthy eating habits and life long lasting results. You will discover how to use the foods you enjoy to speed up your metabolism and work for you instead of against you. You will finally learn how to eat to live a healthy life and lose that weight once and for all.

Connection is Key - You will only go as far as you are accountable!

Relationships are a crucial component of success in every area of life. There is no I in TEAM! It is Gods desire for you to have healthy relationships  that will make you better in all that you do. Iron sharpens iron while isolation is dangerous. Contacting is a one time thing, CONNECTION is a lifetime thing! You will learn my Connection Is Key Strategy so that you can build the team you need so that you can reach your goals faster.

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Why The Secret To Real Weight Loss Success For CHRISTIANS was created!

I have been blessed and privileged to coach people all over the country when it comes to getting the results they desire and WINNING in life. I am on a personal mission to help as many people as possible WIN in life and each and every day I’m blessed to do so through my coaching programs, motivational speaking, books and businesses.

I got my start as the Director of Strength & Conditioning at Oral Roberts University and have been blessed to personally coach over 10,000 people including Professional Athletes, Pageant Contestants, Business Men, Entrepreneurs, Pastors, and many others.

I created this program for YOU!

You see, at 21 years old I went through a tragedy in my life; a downtime that at that time seemed unbearable. During this severe downtime in my life, not knowing which way to turn and even contemplating if I wanted to live any longer is when it all changed for me. I enrolled in Victory Christian Center’s Bible school, Victory Bible Institute. The next two years would be the most challenging time in my life but I chose to WIN! I grew spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. It was at this time that I created a game plan to be an over-comer and WIN in life.

I created what today is known as The Secret To REAL Success. My “Create The Winning Mindset” System.

I discovered the power of my mind and that The Word(Bible) can transform your life if you allow it. I began to realize that God had been preparing me to coach, teach and inspire others. I knew that God has blessed me and had given me talents, gifts and allowed me to experience and overcome those things in my life for a reason. I knew, for me, true success would come when I was helping others become successful. I discovered that my calling was to find a way to serve as many people as possible so that they could overcome obstacles and challenges in their own life and ultimately help them WIN through God’s word. I am now on a mission to help Christians WIN so that you can perform at the highest level and do what you were called to do on this earth. I truly believe that too many Christians are losing in their health and that Satan is using this as a platform to take Christians out early.


I don’t know where you are at today in life, but I know that this program will be be the vehicle to help you overcome and WIN in your health, fitness and in life if you allow it to. You will workout and we sill sweat together but just like I did, you will discover through my “Create The Winning Mindset” system how to not only renew your mind but to TRANSFORM your thinking so that you can WIN each and everyday. You may be asking yourself, “What separates this program from all the other weight loss and life success programs out there?”

Great question!

The answer is simple, this is a complete program. You will be coached on how to WIN and DISCOVER the secret to REAL weight loss. You see, this goes a lot deeper than just losing weight. Most programs out there tell you what to do and address the action but the secret is where each action originates. I will show you how to train your mind so that your actions get your the results you desire and the life you deserve.

What if I told you that you can now live the life that you were born to live? You can experience true success and a life of abundance. It is possible and you WILL do it once you conquer your thinking and transform your body. I take pride in helping others get results; and it is my calling to help you WIN.

Today I am a proud husband, father and Christian and WIN ALL DAY. I would be honored to now coach you so that you can transform your body WIN in life.